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Sweet Potato Varattiyathu

A Kerala style stir fried soya cubes, pepper, onion and cilli sauce.

best vegan food in leicester

Saucy Chips

Fried fresh potatoes with ginger and various herbs, tossed with aromatic Keralan spices.

best vegan food in uk

Chilly Tapioca

An invention of Portuguese trevellers in Kerala during historic period. Fried fresh mogo (tapioca) chips sautued with chilli, onion, pepper, ginger, garlic and special homemade chilli salsa.

best vegan food

Tofu Ularth

Bean curd diced and cooked with onion, tomato and Kerala spices flavoured with black pepper. Tofu is a replacement meat dish for vegetarians, has low calorie count and relatively large amounts of protein. ‘A great accompaniment for modern Brahmin to go with Wine.’

best vegan bar in uk

Soya Pepper Fry

A Kerala style stir fried soya cubes, pepper, onion and cilli sauce.

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Herbal Cocktail Idli

It is a perfect vegan dish, mini steamed rice and lentil sponge cake (idli) dipped into the hot vegetable sambar combo is a complete South Indian herbal breakfast/lunch.


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